A Modern Approach to Mill Management

Maximize revenue by monitoring, coordinating, and optimizing all aspects of procurement and workflow in mill management.

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Power Your Mill from End-to-End


Buy Smart

Ensure profitability by setting your margins and paying the right price for timber based on mill recovery and sales analytics.


Save time with simple contract and reconciliation management.


Track, coordinate, and receive deliveries.


Ensure quality across the entire supply chain.


Monitor timber and lumber market conditions.


Optimize Work

Save your mill time and money by streamlining all of the separate aspects of your business on one, simple platform.

Log Yard

Scale loads. Apply expansion rules. Track deck usage in real-time.


Monitor inventory and perfect your product mix.

Kiln & Planer

Optimize production runs across the green yard, kiln, dry yard, and planer.


Grade, tally, and store products. Coordinate cross-branch stock transfers for seamless shipping.


Grow Margins

Empower your sales team to sell smarter and faster with complete inventory visibility across mill operations.


Manage relationships with prospects, customers, and vendors.

Safe Forecasting

Confidently sell against forecasted inventory levels.

Dynamic Sales

Find the best market for your lumber.

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