Sales Orders

Grow margins on your lumber. Reduce time spent processing sales. Keep sales and inventory organized and in sync.

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Modern Order Entry

Tamarack’s interface makes it easy to enter orders while you're still on the phone with your customer.

Add products to sales orders with one click. Automatically populate freight and financials.

View availability reports and inventory forecasts at the point of sale.

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Unparalleled Visibility

Dynamic tools ensure you always know what you can sell and when you can sell it.

Search and filter inventory by branch, species, product, and production dates.

Real-time alerts tell you when inventory is oversold or undersold.

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Powerful Sales Intelligence

Track historic MBF pricing across customers, products, and seasons.

Get rid of time-consuming Excel worksheets and bring all of your sales tools onto a single platform.

Quote customers based on accurate pricing intelligence.

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Sell Your Lumber at the Right Price and Right Time
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